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Five things you need to know about right-sizing:

1. Right-sizing involves making step-by-step plans for getting a room to "right," which requires a lot of soul-searching — or, at least, room-searching.

Make "audits" of every use you or your family make of a given room. A second inventory would count all the uses you’d like to get out of that room.

Slowly, a game plan will evolve from side-by-side comparisons of the two lists. Sometimes, the only obvious way to gain a right-sized room will be to remodel, and the book offers a wealth of suggestions and photographs.

Sometimes just re-arranging furniture may make all the difference in a room’s functionality, for making that task more efficient, such as making paper-bag cut-out "models" of the furniture before dragging the heavy stuff around the house.

2. But where to start? Even though we may have dining rooms and living rooms that we seldom use, surprising as it might sound, the one room that vexes homeowners the most,  is the family room.

That’s because we use it so much, In interviews with homeowners, their frustration with that room came up again and again.

"It’s become that multipurpose, everything room, where everyone gathers," she said. "That’s mostly because in many homes, it’s too big to be functional.

"I’ve been in some ‘great rooms’ that look like hotel lobbies, "Most people don’t know how to arrange furniture to make it cozy and comfortable. It seems to be the hardest to arrange — sometimes you’re fighting the fireplace vs. the television. It may be an office by day and a family playroom by night."

 A family-room audit will help prioritize the room’s uses in order to make decisions for organizing books, media and workspace needs.

3. Then there are the rooms that we think we must have when we buy a place, then ignore.

"No one wants to give up these rooms because of the dreaded ‘resale’ word"  drives too many of our homebuying decisions.

The Living room alot of times is wasted space and rarely used.

"The second would be the foyer because nobody ever uses it except the FedEx guy, and third would be the dining room because they’re just a waste."

You homeowners need to find other uses for the living and dining rooms.

How about adding doors to a living room to turn it into a home office or a dining room into a game room.

"I have talked to people who have used the living room for a downstairs bedroom," she said. "There are many things these rooms can be used for and converted back if they ever sell it."

4. "The pressure on the home is now for office space,"Everyone seems to feel entitled to their own office space."

Today the telecommuter from the self-employed person from someone who just needs a place to organize bill-paying and family schedules is all the rage.

Homeowners may consider the trade-offs of such offices that range from a cubby in a laundry room to elegant executive spaces.

Detailed floor plans of various types of home offices spell out minimum square-footage needs compared to a suggested amount for true comfort and utility.

5. Then there’s the kitchen.

"I broke down the kitchen by function — are you a re-heater or someone who does gourmet meals, or maybe once a week you’re a leisurely diner?" she said. Each of the various eating styles has its own needs.

And be honest about where you eat that food once it’s out of the oven or microwave?

"Of course, no one eats in front of the TV,"  Not.

"If you eat in front of the TV, you ought to get a table that works for you," she said. "People should recognize how they live and not pretend they’re someone or something else.

"Why, in one (furniture) showroom I was in just today, I looked at this coffee table that rises (to a higher level) and was beautiful and sculptural," she said. "I said, ‘That’s a four-pizza-box table.’ "

I have a dreams of having a bedside table that’s doubles as a small refrigerator — so he can snack better in bed. 

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